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There is lots of hugging in the playoffs. It’s part of the culture this time of year.

There are hugs for celebration, those are the most common. There are hugs for condolence — those are usually one-way. There are hugs out of habit — there’s so much walking in and out of huddles that they become little stress-relievers.

But the reason for Kevin Durant’s grasping of Reggie Jackson at the conclusion of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s vital 92-89 Game 4 overtime victory over the Memphis Grizzlies late Saturday night was from a different branch.

It was a goat-removing hug, a save-me-from-accepting-the-MVP-trophy-after-being-eliminated hug, an “I love you” hug. It seemed like it lasted five minutes, with other teammates lining up behind Durant to hug Jackson. And when they were done hugging him, Durant had gotten back in line to hug him again.

"I love you, man, I love you," Durant whispered into his ear.

"I love you," Jackson said as he tried to fight back tears.


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@ishiboolovesyou: She just loves her dada!


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